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About Us

Celltherm Coldrooms Limited has been established in the UK since 1989. We are a wholly owned subsidiary company of CELLTHERM ISOLIERUNG GMBH, a German manufacturer of high quality Modular & Bespoke coldrooms and refrigeration systems.


We are based in Narborough, Leicester in the East Midlands of the UK. We are at the hub of the country’s main motorway network, junction 21 of the M1.


We carry one of the Industry's largest stock of modular coldroom panels, refrigeration equipment and shelving systems. This enables the selection and delivery of the largest range of coldroom sizes from stock of any UK coldroom manufacturer.


Our range of sizes and delivery service is second to none.


We offer a vast range of coldroom options to suit our customer's individual needs.


From a coldroom shaped to fit into a corner with remote refrigeration plant, to a coldroom that is completely bespoke with a special finish like stainless steel or anti-bacterial coating, we offer a truly 1st class German manufactured product.


Celltherm can provide a high quality refrigeration solution, whether the requirement is for a standard modular coldroom

with an integral refrigeration system or a low-noise applicato0

Celltherm Coldrooms Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of ltherm Isoleurieng GmBh,


Celltherm Isoleureiung was itlself established in 1981. It is a specialist manufacturer, concentrating on the manufacture of insulated Coldroom panels.


From its conception Celltherm is committed to producing only a very high quality product which allied to the company’s ecological philosophy and dedication to customer service now sees Celltherm regarded as one of the most efficient manufacturers of walk-in Coldrooms in Europe today.


From our factory in Westfalia, close to the Dutch border we send

coldrooms across Europe servicing Clients across fields as diverse as Catering and hospitality, food production, medical storage and environmental testing. We believe we can offer a high quality solution to any project that requires temperature control.


To ensure that our customers always receive a top quality product and after-sales service that they expect, we have subsidiary companies in the UK and France and established strong distributors in Holland, Denmark and Poland.